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A cross between NY thin crust and Neapolitan

We like to think of our pizza as having the best of both worlds; the light, crunchy, thin base borrowed from New York street slices and the round puffy crusts typically seen on Neapolitan pies.  Our dough is the main focus.  Long, cold fermentation makes a pizza crust that is ultimately more flavorful and easier to digest.  After that our sauce is made in house and all other toppings are made from scratch including our wonderfully seasoned Italian sausage.

Fat Lip Pizza was originally conceived as a food Truck.  In a previous life our little truck was a mobile USPS post office designed for getting mail in and out of disaster areas.  Decommissioned and baking in the sun in Palmdale, CA, we saw the potential in her and lovingly turned her into a pizza truck over the course of the pandemic.  As we emerged from our houses and get back to normal the truck was frequently seen at wineries and breweries around Temecula.  

These days our first brick and mortar shop is located at 420 N Main St. in Corona.  Come by for a slice or whole pie and stay for the self serve beer wall with 20 taps featuring local breweries' and wineries' best.

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